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More Content of Albion Online After Update
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In this update, Containing the following key

# Morgana Faction Rework

# Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp

# 12 New Weapon Spells

# New Feature: Item Study

# Learning Point System Improvements

# Various Fixes and Improvements

# And, swamping it up!
In this segment we take a look at what’s currently in the works for Albion Online.

- Frogs
Introducing…*ribbit*… Frogs! These cute little amphibians are pretty much the rabbits of the swamp.
Not everyone is fond of our jumpy new friends.

- Swamp Development
The swamps are beautiful and could even be considered romantic, if only they weren’t so smelly!

- Spirit of the Swamps
While roaming the swamps, you might encounter this mysterious spirit.

# Steppe, Dual Swords and More!

- First Glance at the Steppe
The steppes are a dry, rough environment, with an occasional glimmer of life in the form of beautiful oases. Keep your eyes peeled, as more steppe news are coming soon!

- New Weapon: Dual Swords
Beta 2 will include new weapons, and here is a teaser for one of them: Dual Swords! The weapon is still in the prototyping stage, but we can tell you already it will be available in the Sword line and – similar to Dagger Pair – will be considered one item.

- The Little Morgana Room
Ever wondered if Cultists need to use the bathroom? No? Well, here is a picture of their restroom anyway!

- New Animations
The Fireball’s animation got overhauled. Here’s a comparison of new (left) and old (right).

Don't trust anyone moving funky to a Skull orb. Nuff said.

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